Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A toast to differences

Once upon a time, there lived a gardener. And he grew oranges and lemons. He did not eat enough of the lemons himself, so he sold them in the neighboring village - there they grew bananas, but they were too lazy to grow enough of them to feed the entirety of the village. So, every day they bought lemons from him, and picked those poor souls who were to feed with lemons.

Needless to say, the poor souls had hated the nasty fruit - it gave them the pains in their bellies. And soon they started to hate the gardener himself - yet, they continued to buy the lemons from him.

It was a very saddening fact for the gardener - after all, he was honestly growing his best fruits - and the oranges were not bitter at all - sweet and refreshing. So, one day he decided to make a pleasant surprise for his faithful customers that should make them happier - he brought them oranges instead of lemons, but did not tell.

The customers were enraged - "Not only you exploit us by selling these bitter fruits to us, but now you also brought them in rotten color and blown up shape!". They've beaten the poor gardener, and trashed his cargo.

So, let's have a drink to the gentle attention for differences - if you're a gardener, try to sell not just lemons alone; and if you're on the market buying - not everything that is slightly round is bitter.

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