Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hardware hacking: Peltier TEG experiment - parts list.

During the discussion over a beer at Betagroup yesterday, the topic of human-power for the devices came up. Today I stumbled upon this one and could not help but grab a couple of the "energy harvesters". They supposedly can generate up to 2v at the temperature delta of 75C. The 75C difference between the 36C of my body (hot side) and the "cold side" of -39C would mean it's a pretty useful device for a winter in Siberia.

So, let's try a different approach with a LTC3108EGN - the step-up converter.
The schematic suggests to use the CQ200 from Honeywell. But with such a form factor I am not sure I would be much interested to experiment with it :-)

Also let's get a coil that is needed. The capacitors I've in my pile already, should be no problem.

You wonder what this will be used for ? Well, of course my beloved ATTiny45, which is supposed to have a pretty low power consumption - the "V" models boast 300 microamps at 1.8V when running at 1mhz. This should be perfect, if I estimated correctly the amount of electricity the TEG will generate at low delta.

All right, now just wait till all the parts get here and then a bit of soldering and we see if this idea works.

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