Sunday, January 23, 2011

gncci - general network connections contortion interface

Ok, the name is a bit wacky, because I wanted a bit of wordplay - the idea came up during the happy eyeballs discussion within the v6ops maillist, and I coded it up yesterday in one marathon run.

But I think the result is fun. You get an easy-to-tweak middle layer between the application making the socket calls and the socket calls proper. And it's not the C that you have to sweat in - it's all Lua baby.

So, by loading this with LD_PRELOAD you can code and a little bit of scripting you can do a lot of interesting things - check what connections the application is making, "sniff" the content that the app is sending onto the socket and receiving from the network, even deny some of the connection attempts or mangle the DNS packets so the application connects to the hosts that you have defined.

The possibilities are endless.

Bugs: it seems that the constructor code made it shaky. In retrospect, probably it should be protected with spinlock (similar to the existing code, which first was a spinlock, but then I discovered the multithreaded apps like firefox is might get into a deadlock - so I had to do thread-local variables).

Anyway, it works at least for some values of "works". Have fun.

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