Monday, January 10, 2011

The dusk

The dusk. The eyes do not adapt yet to the darkness that is blending its way in. Like in a bath that is cooling itself down, you don't realize when exactly does it get cold. When you do - it's already because of the tremolo of the teeth, it's too late. Or was it because you were slightly tired and fell asleep ?

Sleep is a treat - you get to appreciate it only when you lose it or can't have enough of it. Falling into momentary clouds of pleasure too strange to describe, only to jump out of it again less than a minute later. You know you should not, but it's irresistible to try again. Your eyelids drag you - stronger and stronger, until you give in again for a short blackout. And you're back.

The world is happily doing without you. Or so it seems. Did it get darker or you're just being self-centric ? It surely did get darker. But it's only one of the cycles. Don't take this personally. Better mind the damn steering wheel - you're on the road.

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