Saturday, June 19, 2010

How much are your dreams worth to you ?

I've been always saying (mostly empirically, I never made any detailed analysis) that if you are hunting after money, the IT/telecom work is not your cup of tea. Go into financial - they pay, noticeably more.

However, there is a detail to that. Which was put sharp, to the point it hurt, in one of the comments on the HN thread:

"It's cheap to get that salary, too. All you have to give up is your dreams. My friend who earns £150k hates her job, and used to tell me that every time I saw her."

Maybe this is an isolated case, maybe not. However, this triggered in me an idea for an interview question: "How much of a premium would you require to give up all your dreams ?"

And, it can make up for a good discussion over a beer, too.

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Magistrator said...

nice one, we should discuss this one