Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Solution for the "paid content" and online newspapers.

It's all here: http://www.holovaty.com/writing/fundamental-change/ - the newspapers just need to keep providing the "human-readable" content for free, and charge for the structured/machine-readable data, that might be possible to further aggregate/analyse.

How many of the "paid members" will that generate ? That's a good question - but I'd wager that people's curiousity could be a good help to this. Think of this more somewhat like a "click & pay here for more info", but rather than content-wise, you do that semantically.

Imagine this to be similar to a progressive JPEG (or different formats of the picture) - lower-resolution picture is free, and you need to pay a modest amount for the hi-res one.

Those who are interested by the core fact - will get only the core fact for free. Those who are interested in full glory - will use micropayment to get there. ($0.1 might be the right amount)

Of course, this implies working micropayments...

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