Monday, March 30, 2009

Cosimus now with avatar shapes and clothing

Today I took a brute-force approach to solving the missing avatar clothing problem that
I was chasing for a few days - simply by creating my own set of the default clothing and wearables.
It's just the standard set of items which are uploaded by the viewer in the case it does not find them - so for the secondlifers, it's Ruth in white clothing :)

Alongside, I've put a very simple moving logic - only forward, in the direction that the avatar faces. This required some rudimentary support for something the called "scene" in opensim - or at least my interpretation of it. For now, I am taking the assumption "Agent == Avatar", it probably will change sometime in the future. However, I already put the "clientstack-independent scene" atop the SMV one - to represent the qualities that are (or should be) fundamental to any avatar system - X, Y, Z position, AgentID - I'll use the UUIDs for representing the "entity" for now, and the "label" - some text that identifies the avatar as seen in-world.

The rest of the platform-dependent details go into a table called "Blob" which is at the moment SMV-specific data about the avatar (like, local object ID, which is needed for the viewer, as each avatar has its own local id to be drawn correctly).

Possibly exposing a "local avatar id" might have been a better move for the platform-independent record, and having the clientstack-specific lookup tables.. But I will see in the future what is better. In any case, each clientstack registers its own event handler functions, which are called per-avatar in case the need arises (this indeed raises some additional possibilities for optimization in the future).

Alongside the minor infra mods, the loginserver config is now in the config file (main.lua), as well as the serializable state to facilitate trivial no-outage restarts is inside a separate file.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be something odd with the object update packet - the omvviewer tends to hard-hang the laptop - I am not sure which part is causing that. And somehow I managed to get some green text atop the avatar at one occasion, which was funny.

As the vacation time is over now for me, most definitely the speed of the development will suffer - I'll only have some late nights, which are also good to be used for sleep, but I am pretty happy with the progress so far.

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