Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cosimus - a little toolkit for metaverse experiments

The past two weeks I've been on holiday - so this translated for doing various things that I did not have time to do before. One of those things was completing the chunk of coding needed to at least start with my little metaverse experiment.

The result is at - and will suffer the periodic commits from now on, depending on my so called "spare time" :)

It's a start of the simulator code for the 3d simulator, for now I've started with the SecondLife(tm) protocol, as it's something I had in the beginning of the works.

For now it is a custom Lua interpreter, with a few libraries linked in and initialized by default, and the application code in prototype phase is being written in Lua. This gives the much faster speed of the development compared to C (a long while ago, while checking the speed of development on Perl vs. C I found about 10x difference - in favour of Perl, of course. I did not do any personal measurements now, but from a gut feeling it should be about the same). Much later, as needed, I'll push the performance-critical pieces of the code downwards to C.

For now the thing does not do all that much - these few days I've been mostly dealing with the inventory/asset code, appears there are some magic tweaks still needed - from the behaviour it seems like I am triggering some data corruptions in the client inventory code..

From the cool features that are already there - the inventory/asset library loading is done from zipfiles, which means easier handling of them for the consumer. Another fun feature - or rather design choice - is that all the communication via the components that is possible to be networked in the distributed setup, will be also networked in the standalone setup, with the simple servers doing the job from within the executable itself. So it is "batteries included", and a single code path to debug.

...Now, back to coding :-)

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