Monday, February 9, 2009

The FOSDEM'09 memories of a yellow T-shirt...

...or - "how we had a lot of fun and a little bit of pressure at FOSDEM 2009".

I planned to attend Fosdem, but I was pretty delighted to hear that Jerome managed to get our employer Cisco to provide the wireless networking gear for the event, so jumped in to grab the opportunity to give back to the community, and meet the new friends.

It was a lot of fun - thanks to Jerome, Peter, Seb, Antonio, and of course to Fosdem organizers, staff, and indeed the visitors - folks, you rock! :)

We had about 60 access points scattered around the area, so the wireless controller proved to be a very handy beast (it reduced the number of entities to actually "manage" to 3).

Of course, being first time and all, it was quite a few hiccups - ranging anywhere from cables to configs to users "helping" by misconfiguring their gear to do an Ad-Hoc network with the same SSID, and me being slow like a snail in the morning :)

The hardest things for me were escaping from the office at 4:30pm on Friday, and waking up before 10am on Saturday.

But hopefully we might repeat the experiment next year and try some improvements - the first on the wishlist being the faster-than-halfduplex-10mbps uplink to internet - if we manage to borrow the toys again :-)

Correction: "60" was the number of "unknown/rogue APs", we had only 37.

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