Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finally getting a bit more of IPv6...

While I was at Networkers, Eric has sent me a nice teaser - a Facebook app to test the IPv6 connectivity. I've played with "getting IPv6" a while ago, but wanted to give it another try. Yesterday I spent a long while mucking with OpenVPN + a tunnel to my internet host that would connect to V6 via 6to4. Slow and painful - if running 6to4, I'd rather run it locally... Alas - the DSL box does not have enough memory to run a V6-enabled IOS.

As a result, I've now split the single-head setup into dual-head, with one (older) router functioning as a modem + bridge, and the other one running the PPPoE client and doing all the cool IPv6 stuff.

I'll write up in a bit more details on how I have it in the upcoming days (leave comment if I want it sooner!), meantime a menu of nice links:

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