Sunday, December 28, 2008

The One

In the other post I was writing about the earthlings as the whole more and more forming the single entity. Kevin Kelly has a different view on what I think is the same thing - how the whole world will become "The One".

A giant entity - call it a machine or the organism - because I believe that the differences are slim, if any. An entity which will be a medium, a substance, in which the new, higher-order forms of being will emerge - with its basic building block being the "temes" - a term coined by Susan Blackmore.

Pretty fascinating.

Particularly interesting are the predicted "total transparency" - something that is happening at accelerated pace, whether one likes it or not. It's a change - which, regardless whether we like it or not, it is probably going to happen.

On the other hand, this "total transparency", when transposed from individuals onto societal structures, I think will cause a cardinal shift in the way we are. Of course, there will be the glitches on the way - but I think this links very well with another idea of mine - that eventually we come to a state where everything about everyone will be accessible to anyone else, and all those accesses will be registered as events in themselves.

When you are in the crowd, and someone looks at you - you notice. The same will happen, but without any spatial boundaries. An explosion of the information.

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