Thursday, December 25, 2008

Editor for the files on IOS

This is tres cool:

ED-like editor for the files on IOS

Any takers to make vi or emacs emulations ? :-)


Xavier said...

give me a dumb pico instead :)

Andrew Yourtchenko said...

sorry looks like I overlooked the comment notification when setting up the blog and did not see the comment :-)

The main challenge seems to be to have a function to get a single "key" - something like getch() in curses.

Actually, next week @networkers I'll try to chat with some of the folks who are more into TCL to check if there's any fundamental reason why this function is not there, or simply "just because noone thought of it".

Andrew Yourtchenko said...

Ok, apparently if you pick up the image with the enhancement CSCsg54095 integrated, you should have the capability to read the single character... at which time it's more a matter of coding the things up :-)